About Ashley

Who's that girl?
It's Ash!

Well hello there! 

Well, what do you want to know?

To start, I created this blog as a way to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. I remember being a kid and making up stories on sheets of paper laying around the house.

I've always found comfort in writing. I believe stories shape lives and inspire people.

I wouldn't ever call this a health and fitness blog, but  75% of my posts have something to do with health, fitness, or pregnancy / motherhood (these days).

The other 25% of my blog posts are about life lessons, inspiring people in my life, and stories (people) that touch my heart.

Want to know more?

Here are a few other fun tidbits for you to nibble on:

I'm a married lady! Sorry Ryan Reynolds- I know you're out here creeping on my blog for hot pics, but I'm taken!

My fur son, Bandit, owns my heart. In September 2013, I'll be having my first kiddo...a baby boy name Cooper Joseph.

My family and friends are the biggest blessings in my life.

Yes, I know I have a typo in my last blog post.

I am runner (even though it's taken me years to actually say this out loud). I'm slow and getting better each and every day...but I run. Therefore. I am a runner. 

I'm pretty sure I helped Starbucks survive the Great Recession. I'm addicted to Americanos.

I like Twitter more than Facebook. Follow me @AshleySieb.

I have a love-hate relationship with cheese.

I put ranch dressing on everything.

I blog for Jada Beauty. Check out my blog posts here.

I believe in all things pumpkin.

Can you tell I'm a foodie by now?

I studied Public Relations in college, but I've been working in Marketing @iasta since I graduated. While PR and Marketing are two completely different worlds, I'm happy with my decision to start my career in Marketing.

Summer dresses complete me. And boots, which brings me to my next fun fact...

Fall is my favorite season! Changing leaves, pumpkins, tights, and boots- how can you NOT love this season?

I LOVE my blog readers and followers. Nothing makes me happier than reading comments and stories from people who find inspiration in my stories and life lessons.

Much love,