Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Marathon Relay- I Need Your Help!

In just a few short weeks, I am running / walking my second full marathon relay!

I have the shortest leg (only 4.2 miles), but I'm running last!

I'm sure Carla, Robyn, and Jami will kick butt until it's my turn to do us proud! But I will need some music to pump me up while I wait + inspire me to finish strong!

So, how can you help!?

Send me some song ideas!! I love happy, positive music! The "hard" rap and rock doesn't get me going - it just makes me get mad...and that doesn't make me run happy.

So email me, send a Facebook message, tweet me, or comment on this blog post with your favorite happy or uplifting songs. I also like songs that make me want to dance.

Needing some uplifting running music of your own!? You are in luck - I will share my final playlist closer to race day (April 20).

Much love,

Body Glide Isn't Just for Runners

Did I just put on Body Glide to walk around the house in my nightie?


Yes I did.

And I feel so much better.

Much love,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dates You Remember

Some dates you'll never forget.

You know exactly what you wore.

What you said.

How you felt.

Who was there.

And eventually, you realize how that date- that moment- changed your life.

As I was driving to work, I was reminded of a date that defined so much of who I am. And unfortunately, this date put a wedge in my trust and relationship with Justin for years.

Justin was the perfect boyfriend- he really was!

He loved me...a love that I only thought existed in movies.

I could be myself (aka a complete werido).

Justin made me feel beautiful and special no matter what I was wearing or how much make-up I had (or didn't have) on.

In fact, he preferred me without much make-up on.

A natural beauty, he'd say.

He loved me no matter the number on the scale or size of pants.

He made me laugh. He made me feel safe.

And yet, I didn't trust him.

He'd never given me a reason not to trust him.

This was seven years ago.  

And a few months earlier, someone gave me a reason not to trust...anyone.

It was March in 2006.

I had just gotten back from Spring Break a few weeks boyfriend was acting strange - pushing me away. He said we needed a night apart, but his voice was odd.

His text messages were short.

And he didn't IM me when I got on AOL messenger (don't act like you didn't wait for that one person to IM you first). 

I agreed that we should spend the evening apart. I went off to play beer pong with some friends...I was playing with a guy I just met. I couldn't tell you his name today if you gave me a million dollars. But I do know...that he tried to kiss me...and I pushed away. But I felt guilty.

Did my frustrations with my boyfriend get the best of me? 

Was I being overly flirty? 

Or was this guy just a creep?

I felt the party with my best friends at my side- Toni, Travis, and Luke. We marched over to my boyfriend's house. I knew something was wrong...and I wanted to fix it.

Who knew moments later I'd be the one needing fixed?

I reached his front steps and the lights were off, but I could see the TV was on.

Without knocking, I opened his door....slowly- careful not to wake him if he was sleeping.

I shouldn't have been so careful...

I opened the door and the street lights brightened up the room.

There he was...

With another girl...

He was on top of her...they were kissing...and I'll spare you the other details.

Those next few minutes were a blur. I didn't yell at home...or punch him. You always think about what you'll do in moments like that, but I was so shocked.

So hurt.

I walked into the other room- covered my face with my hands and the tears started pouring down.

I needed to get out there....and fast.

"I can't believe you, (insert said boyfriend's name)," I said.

I walked outside and fell to the ground.

My friends were waiting outside.

He wasted no time jumping up and locking the door.

Toni saw my reaction and jumped back to the door. She started banging on it and screaming at him...calling him names...names that he so rightfully desired!

And my little Toni Bug- still my best friend...and I know that no matter the situation - she would still bang down someone's door to defend me.

And then carry me home like she did that night.

I will always love and adore her...

For some reason, I was reminded of this day while driving to work this morning.

One of those moments that shaped my life.

That next day, I vowed that no man will ever determine my happiness.

I declared that I'm in charge of my feelings and emotions.

I was stubborn and broken at the same time.

I put up a wall.

On August, 19, 2006 I met Justin. And from that date on, he worked soooo darn hard to get inside my mind to figure me out. And break down that wall.

I'm so thankful that he never gave up on me.

In fact, I'd often thank him for letting me deal with my emotions in my own way (and time) without running away.

"I'll never give up on you, Baby," he would say back every single time.

You see, I remembered the timeframe of the March incident this morning while driving to work.

I don't remember the exact date.

Or time.

Or what I was wearing.

But I'll never forget the date that Justin and I met.

I was wearing a teal shirt with Silver jeans.

My hair was down and blonde from the summer sun.

He was wearing khaki shorts with a black Ball State t-shirt.

And I'll never forget the date that he asked me to be his girlfriend, August 22.

Justin was in khaki shorts and a red T-shirt.

 I was in workout clothes - leaving the gym.

"So, do you want me make this thing official or what?" He asked.

"YES!" I said, overly excited. "Wait, does this mean I can make it Facebook official too?"

As clique as it sounds, everything in life happens for a reason.

I could have spent my life dwelling on that ONE moment, with that ONE awful boyfriend...but instead, I decided to take a leap of faith with ONE amazing man.

So don't hold onto the wrong dates.

Let go.

Remember the dates that bring positive memories....

The dates that flood your body with happiness. 

Days like this...

Nervous bride smile!

Sealing my promise with a kiss.

And then shoving cake up his nose.

All happy marriages are filled with fabulous dance moves.

And don't forget...

Wedding hangover.

Much love,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What You've Missed

As you know, I've been in hibernation this winter.

Otherwise known as growing a baby.

Enough though I promised to blog more (and even write in my personal journal), sleeping always took priority over writing.

But, I'm slowly coming "back to normal."

My energy levels are higher today than the past two months combined.

So, what have you missed?

My biggest cravings are lemonade (freshly squeezed with lemon chunks floating around = the best).

I can't stop eating cereal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches- both of which I rarely ate pre-pregnancy. 

My obsession with Pretty Little Liars has been replaced with Gossip Girl, which is definitely more trashy (I can't help myself).

Bandit never leaves my side (well that's not new, is it?).

I officially have six small stretch marks forming (SOMEONE HELP and say you have a secret cream that makes them disappear!?).

As of Friday, March 22 - I am embracing maternity pants. Having my zipper (from my 100% unbuttoned pants) jab into my stomach all day was a painful experience.

Justin and I have decided on a theme for the nursery if we have a girl! BUT we can't seem to decide / agree for a boy....this probably means we are having a boy.

My bump is busting out for the world to see. And this LBD (little black dress) shows it all!

Bump magic.
I have a full marathon relay coming up on April 20. And I haven't ran more than 3 miles since November. Everything will be fine, right guys? I have time to train still...right? Good thing my leg is only 4.2 miles!

I decided to write a book and have my outline and chapters developed. More information coming soon!

Work is keeping me busy (very busy), but I'm thankful that we still make work fun.

Flexing our Source-a-Saurus mascots.
My heart melts when Justin lays his head on my stomach and talks to Baby Sieb.

I can't wait until April 17th (the day we find out if we are having a boy or girl)!!! But I'm trying not to get overly excited because Baby Sieb could decide to be stubborn and not let us get a good view for the gender confirmation.

My ring is getting a little tight- so I'll be rocking a fake ring here in the next few months. Any suggestions on beautiful (fake) diamonds that don't turn your fingers green?

I had a pumpkin pie fro yo on Wednesday and pumpkin spice latte on Thursday.  I was immediately reminded that pumpkin flavors should be available year round.

The dividers at Orange Leaf are brilliant!

Pregnancy travel plans mapped out for the year include Washington D.C. to see The Campbells and a long-weekend trip to Las Vegas for Rodger and Lisa's 50th birthdays.

The Vera Bradley outlet sale is coming up in a few weeks and my excitement can't be summarized in a single sentence or two.

Alright, time to get back to my Gossip Girl marathon.

Much love,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Never Buy My Babes This Shirt

I will never support this message.

That's all.

Much love,

Friday, March 15, 2013

And I Peed My Pants.... At Work

I knew the moment would come....

When I pissed my pants from either laughing or sneezing too hard!

And guess what?

No shocker was from laughing!

My boss pranked my best friend at work by placing a dead tarantula spider under his St. Patty's Day hat. Yes, my boss just has a dead spider in his office that he randomly scares people with...Reason #423 why I love my company.

I couldn't even look at Chad without stumbling my words and almost spilling the beans!!! I felt so guilty, but I was secretly excited to see his reaction.

Anyway, I was telling my friend Scott about the situation and Scott (who is also afraid of spiders) made me laugh so hard that I crossed my legs.

"You're going to pee, aren't you?" Scott asked while trying not to laugh.

And then it happened.

I literally felt it coming.

At first it was just a tinkle.

But then Scott started laughing.

So I literally peed more.

"OMG!" I said. "I am peeing! You have to get out of here!"

"This isn't the last time this will happen," Scott said walking out of the office while cracking up!

I put my drink down and ran to the bathroom.

And while I'm typing this blog post, I finally remember where I put my drink....I've been looking for it all day....

Hahah the many joys of pregnancy!

I hope you're having a happy Friday. If not, you didn't piss yourself at work, so just be thankful for that....

The good news is...Baby Sieb and I tied for first place (with Cayla) in the Iasta Leprechaun contest today.

Much love,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

April 17- Save the Date!

Well, the number on the scale isn't terrible. I didn't get a definite view (because I'm so tall and the digital scale is too low).

I'm in the first appointment I was 238.

So first trimester weigh in is less than 10 lbs gained! I'll take it!!! My doctor and I are hoping that I gain between 25-30 lbs.

Anyway, enough about weight. I'm not stressing about that darn scale. I'm growing a baby and that's amazing.

The doctor walked in and she busted me eating a banana.

"Hey, it could be a lot worse," she said. "Now, if it was a candy bar...I might be giving you a different lecture. But a banana- that's just fine!"

I'm jumping ahead here...BUT I wanted mac and cheese so desperately bad after my appointment.... and guess what? I passed it up for a fresh salad. Bam.

Anyway, Baby Sieb kept wiggling and moving and dancing while she was trying to find the heart beat....

She kept smiling while she was searching. They probably teach doctors that in Med School....

It's the same concept as parenting...if you act scared, your child will act scared and become afraid too!

Soooo one of us had to stay positive.

"Baby is playing tricks on us today," she said.

"Oh, did you hear that?!" she asked. "That was Baby moving!"

After Baby Sieb had a solo dance party in the womb that seemed to last four hours (okay maybe 2 minutes), we finally found the heart beat!

138 beats per minute!

Perfectly normal.

And she said my belly was growing and measuring with what it should too!

Finally, she scheduled my ultrasound (the big gender reveal ultrasound) for April 17th! That's a Wednesday. In case you want even MORE details, my appointment is at 10 am.

Someone (and by someone - I mean Justin) needs to hide my phone so I don't instantly share online with you guys the gender of our baby!

I want to surprise you guys some how.....

Hmmm, I am sure I'll come up with something creative :)

PS Don't forget to take the gender poll on my blog! So far, the majority of you think Baby Sieb is a girl!

What do we want to have?

A healthy, happy baby!

That's our only request. 

Much love,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hungry for Change: A Review

Over the weekend, I watched a documentary called "Hungry for Change" - in one word: A-MA-Z-ING!

I was BEYOND inspired. As soon as the credits started rolling, I was already lacing up my shoes and making a mental note of my grocery list. I walked into the kitchen and tossed out junk food...and immediately shook my head at the pizza box on the counter- a reminder that my eating is and always be a battle.

Seriously, this is what I think about naturally skinny people who eat whatever they want:

But then I reminded myself that being healthy IS NOT about being skinny.

In fact, I know a lot of skinny people who are more unhealthy than me.

And there is the whole pregnancy thing eating healthy this time around will NOT result in weight loss. It will, however, result in a healthier mom and baby!

The moment I really started paying attention and taking notes (yes, I was literally taking notes like I was preparing for my final exam in college), was when they shared an article saying researchers found more than 200 chemicals (man made aka from what we eat and drink) in an umbilical cord.  

200 chemicals.


We fill our bodies with dangerous (and addicting) chemicals every single day. And honestly, these chemicals are in EVERYTHING!

They kept talking about going back to mother nature- eating from the Earth.

And believe it or not, I was actually inspired to start juicing!

The toxins and chemicals in our foods go directly into our bodies...and guess what? Those evil toxins don't let you lose fat cells.

You need to cleanse your body to get rid of the toxins and harmful chemicals.

But the messed up part is....we do this to ourselves. We know what food is bad for us. We know a salad is better than a slice of pizza. We know fresh fruit for breakfast is better than a McDonald's Egg McMuffin.

They said 50% of us are unhappy with the way we look naked. We get out of the shower, look in the mirror, and say such hurtful things to ourselves...sometimes out loud!

"You're worthless."

"Just look at yourself- when did you let yourself go!?!"

"You don't deserve love and happiness."


Would you let someone else talk to you like that? Would you let a complete stranger or your worst enemy get away with saying such negative and rude things? probably wouldn't....

SO - don't talk to yourself like that!!

You are precise.

Love yourself and shine for who you are today....

And eventually you'll inspire other people to love themselves...and be happy with life.

Love yourself and other people.


Because love is safety.

And we all need love.

BUT it starts with loving yourself.

I wish I could take credit for the above message about loving yourself...but in reality, this message came from the documentary.

So there I was ...sitting in tears...and repeating the words they demanded that I say twice a day (and you should to):

"I accept myself unconditionally for who I am right now."


Say it.


Out loud.

I don't care if your at Starbucks, work, the gym, or watching TV- repeat the above quote.

Repeat this quote for 30 days - twice a day. Wait for the negative messages to pop in, but then quickly defend yourself...from yourself!

I bet by 28 you'll finally start to believe yourself and realize how special you are...

Overall, the documentary said you will improve your life and mind if you ask yourself three questions:
  1. Where does my food come from? 
  2. What went into my food?
  3. What is my intention in doing with the food? (i.e. Am I eating to support my body or just for entertainment?)
I've got my work cut out for me....

But I've been filling up on fruits and veggies most of this week!

And the best part is...I'm not doing this to lose weight!!

This has NOTHING to do with the scale or a number! 

I'm honestly eating well for my HEALTH!

So yeah- I'm going to high-five myself.

But I have a confession.

I broke down already...

I woke up late this morning and stopped by McDonalds for that Egg McMuffin.

I cracked.

So then I turned into Ron Burgundy and said:

But it's one day.

One meal.

It's not the end of the world.

If I can continue to fill my bodies with more "clean" foods - then I'm doing MUCH better than I was before...

So while it was hard to look in the mirror knowing I had an epic failure this morning, I went home and put on my gym clothes.

I looked in the mirror and repeated those famous words: I accept myself unconditionally for who I am right now.

Much love,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sting Like a Bee

Before reading this blog post, I have an important disclaimer for you:

My story begins far beyond my own pregnancy journey began...

I was walking out to lunch with my boss. A recent co-worker had announced her pregnancy. And months before she had taken a trip to Rome and other European cities.

"I wonder if she tried to get pregnant in Europe," I said to my boss, trying to make conversation about the exciting news.

"I don't know," my boss replied. "And I'm not going to ask. There are just some things you don't ask about or say to pregnant woman."

I reflected on her words.

"And when you're pregnant one day, I'll be happy to give you advice if you ask for it," she said. "But only if you ask for it."

A few months later, I found myself reading my friend's blog post about pregnancy. I was absolutely shocked at the awful and rude things people would say to her.

One woman told her she was killing her baby for eating Jimmy Johns.

Seriously. Even strangers think they can hand out advice and hurtful words to pregnant woman.

So before I was even pregnant, I knew that I'd probably have my fair share of run-ins with people expressing their opinions, providing unsolicited advice, and leaving me with snarky one-liners.

Listen, I know this my first pregnancy. And I know that people out there who have more experience with pregnancy and parenting than I do. But that doesn't mean I'm an idiot. And that certainly doesn't mean I'm not actively talking to my doctor and doing my research.

And when I want advice, I'm not a shy person - I'll have NO problem asking for it!

But for crying out loud, be kind and thoughtful about what other people are experiencing and feeling.

Everyone is different.

And no pregnancy is the same.

No one has the right to judge another woman for the way she handles pregnancy or parents her children. Now clearly, I don't support doing meth or binge drinking while pregnant. But...

It doesn't impact me if a pregnant woman eats Jimmy Johns.

It doesn't matter if a pregnant woman drinks soda.

It does not impact me if another woman uses cloth diapers.

It does not impact me if another woman makes her own baby food.

It doesn't impact me if another woman breastfeeds until her child is 18+ months old.

And guess what, most of the time- it doesn't impact make you either.

I'll use this personal analogy to paint a better picture. Prior to my pregnancy, I blogged a lot about fitness, health, running, and losing weight.

But you NEVER saw me running around blasting people on Facebook or handing out advice when people didn't ask for me.

I didn't comment on someone's picture and tell them they shouldn't be eating that if they wanted to lose weight.

I didn't see someone running outside and give them tips on how they could run better, faster, and longer.


Because if they want my opinion or if they want my advice, they'll seek me out. They will ask me questions. They will ask me for tips. And even when people did those things, I was still super cautious to say something like, "I'm not expert, but here is what worked for me..."

Justin and I wanted Baby Sieb so badly...and there is nothing that I will do, eat, drink, wear, or be around that I (or my doctor) finds harmful.

I'm still very early in my pregnancy, but I've had a few moments when people have been rude or insulted my intelligence in a way that just brought me to tears.

I vented to a close friend and she offered up this advice:

"Oh girl, preach. People are the worst.... It is so easy to let it get to you, too. So so so easy.

It stays this way after the baby is born. I hate telling you that, but it is true. Especially when the baby is tiny and every is all "you should let him cry it out," "you shouldn't eat dairy while you're breastfeeding," etc. 

I don't have a solution other than to keep in mind that you know your baby better than anyone else (even Justin! But he is a close second). Moms are the queen bees of their families. Don't let anyone shake your hive. Sting 'em if you need to! 


I instantly felt better.

And I feel better after finally blogging about this topic. It's been weighing heavy on my heart and mind for weeks. I don't any negative comments, likes, or even messages about this blog. I just needed to get this off my chest...because this is how I cope. Writing is how I deal.

I'd like to confirm that I AM NOT SAYING I don't want anyone to send me cute ideas, fun outfits, baby tips, mom tips, or any other article, picture, blog, etc. I LOVE getting emails and messages with interesting articles, research and news. It shows people are thinking of me and care! And I've purchased (or plan to purchase) a number of cute items from the articles my friends have shared.

Rather, I'm just saying be mindful of your words and the situation in which you offer up your two cents.

And if you don't...well then, I'm ready to sting like a bee.

Much love,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Call Me Chris Farley

Today, I decided to embrace my new body.

I told myself that comfort is more important than a T-shirt size.

And while my pants are still fitting, I'll eventually need some comfortable maternity pants (that are stylish).

Don't worry about sizes.

Stay away from tight clothes.

And don't even think twice about little tinny bikinis.

Just focus on comfort, cuteness, and class.

The three C's to pregnancy fashion.

You know what happened instead?

I turned into Chris Farley.

Me including the dance moves.
Did I rip a dress in the fitting room?

You betcha!

Let's break down this dressing room fiasco...

So, the first outfit I found was SUPER adorable.

I'm bumping out.
I want the world to know.
I'm gonna let it show.

I'm in love with these pants.
Also, no zipper = no pain.
I found a beautiful corral t-shirt as well! The shirt is lose fitting and has a high belt, so it makes my "bump" look cute too!

Next up, I tried on this dress.

Notice my eyeballs glued to my belly!
No need to say which feature looks best in this pic.
Husband approved.
So anyway, this particular dress was in the Juniors section - or maybe Misses. Either way, it was a size XXL.





OBVIOUSLY this would fit me, I assumed.

And it will look SUPER cute with leggings and brown boots that match the belt. I danced around a bit in the fitting room and then thought, "Hmmm this dress a little tight around the arms."

Tight arms = the worst shirt ever. I don't care how cute a shirt or dress is...I will never wear something that makes my arm fat feel like it's being squeezed like a tight sausage or bratwurst.

So I stretched out my arms a little bit and then it happened.

The loudest ripping sound in all of North America.

I KNOW the lady next to me heard "The Rip."

"Shut the front door," I thought. "HOW FLIPPING EMBARRASSING!"

I spun around and the rip was massive.

We're talking like....six or seven inches.

What do I do? 

Should I tell someone? 

Should I just hang the dress back on the rack? 

This is a massive a small dog or child could fit through this hole. 

What is wrong with me? 


After the period of pure panic was over, I found the situation really hilarious.

No one was at the fitting station when I first walked in.

So I told myself if no one was there when I left, then I would just leave.

I'll leave a post-it note. 

With my number. 

Like it's a car accident. 

Or a secret admirer love note. 

Fine no, I'll just leave the dress on the rack.

But what if the they have video cameras? 

What if they see me again and put up a sign with my picture and only this description: THE  PREGNANT RIPPER.

I walked out of the fitting room and realized no one was around.

But I KNEW I couldn't handle just leaving the dress there in that condition.

Just as I started to walk away, I saw a lady with a red shirt walking toward me.

I saw her walkie talkie.

That's it.

The moment of truth.

I have to fess up.

I have to introduce myself as the one and only Mrs. Chris Farley....

"Um hi!" I said. "Sorry, but do you work here?"

(Obvious question - she was probably thinking, "Ummm yeah- what gave it away!? My red shirt, my name tag, or my walkie talkie?").

"Yes," she said.

"Well, um," I started. "I just have to tell you something...and this is SUPER embarrassing, but I just can't live with myself if I don't tell the truth."

She starred at me like I was about to tell her a story from Jerry Springer or confess to a crime. Well, fashion crime maybe...

"You see, I'm pregnant," I said. "And I am experimenting with different sizes...and...well...I...well I ripped this dress!!!!"

She grabbed the dress from my hand and I continued, "I promise I'll buy it. I feel so bad."

"No," she said. "It's fine."

She was trying not to laugh and I think she was starting to feel uncomfortable with my awkwardness and rambling.

"I mean really," I said. "I'll buy it! I can even put like a back patch or something..."




You don't even know how to sew, Ashley!

"No really, it's fine," the lady said walking away as I continued talking.

"Well okay thanks-I mean, this has to happen all the time, right?" I asked desperately. "Like, I'm surely not the only person this ever happened to!?"

She kept a straight face and shook her head 'NO' - then she added, "I mean, I'm new here, but I've never seen this..."


I bet other people just put the dress back up like nothing ever happened...and then innocent people buy the dress and go home and then realize they have a rip the size oft the Nile river down their back...

"Oh yeah," I said. " see you later."

Well, today I sure did accomplish my goal. I embraced my ever-growing body and found some comfortable clothes.

But the biggest victory of all was telling the truth and being able to laugh about it moments later -which is a huge improvement from crying about the situation (former self behavior).

Until my next Chris Farley moment, $40 to whoever designs me a cute dress with an awesome back patch.

And go.

Much love,

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm (Almost) Back

I was going to blog on Sunday, but that would require leaving my bed.

I literally spent the entire day napping (and it was glorious).

Let's recap my weekend!

On Friday night, I had dinner with my friends from high school - nothing makes me happier than my hometown crew.

But before I went out, I finally got my package containing my new baby bump t-shirt.

Only to my surprise, it was the wrong t-shirt!

Just three years late on this one...
Although Justin and I both decided it will be super hilarious to rock this shirt at the gym when I am mega pregnant.

Stay tuned for those pictures.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon we had lunch with Justin's Uncle and his girlfriend at Barcelona Tapas (my favorite place ever). This time, however, I didn't have the sangria. It was bittersweet.

On Saturday evening, I worked at event with My Best Friend's Hair and Hair Mafia. They launched a new tool for stylists to make more money (at no cost and zero risk), sell more products, and have better relationships with their clients! I'm not a hair stylists, but this new product inspires me! So, I was SUPER excited to be a part of the launch party.

I got there around 5 pm to help with event set-up. I wasted no time chatting with one of my new favorite people ever (that's you Megan Giannini) while we stuffed gift bags for our guests.

Meg looks super yet.
My left eye looks black?

I ended up running errands with Rachel most of the night.

Partner in Crime!

Then I got back for my hair and make-up. I truly felt like a celebrity- getting pampered for a big event.

I haven't felt this beautiful and awake in weeks!
Thank you for the pre-event makeover, MBFH!
While I was getting my make-up done (I feel in love with my stylist and want her to move in + do my make-up daily), I was reminded how lucky Justin and I am to be on this journey together. One of her close friends tried to get pregnant for years and years. They finally decided to adopt, but then the adoption fell was one heart break after other. Finally (a few weeks ago), an adoption went through and they now have a little girl.

I walked away holding back tears and counting my blessings. 

Anyway, later in the evening I had to make a booze run! When I got back Mel (my close friend and Marketing Manager for MBFH) helped me carry in one of the boxes.

She saw the little package of newborn diapers that my sister, Sarah, recently gave me.

"Oh my gosh," she said and put her hand on her chest. "This just makes me want to cry. I want you to know how happy I am for you guys. When you told me you were pregnant, I literally cried at work. Seriously- I'm so happy for you guys..."

I'm so very lucky and thankful to be surrounded by such supporting and loving people. I've always admired Mel, long before she was a mother. But now that I've seen her grow-up and become one of the best mom's I know...I'm even more inspired by her motherly instincts, beauty, intelligence, and heart. On her days off, she really is "off" - she takes her son to swim glass, drum glass, and they never miss out on an opportunity to explore and be outside.

"It's really important to me that Charlie has a sense of adventure," Mel said when I told that I love how much fun her and Charlie have together.

After bonding over newborn diapers and babies, the hair show began! These girls killed it on the runway and I loved all of their styles!

The models all lined up at the end of the show.
Photo credit: Megan Giannini.
Overall, Saturday evening was a total blast. I made new friends.

Chrissy's energy and smile is so contagious!
Love her!
 And caught up with old friends. 

I love this girl beyond words! Such a great surprise to see you, Abby!

 And I spent most of Sunday recovering.

So, I'm almost back! I was able to stay up past midnight on Saturday, which is almost a pregnancy record for me!

I really can't wait for that second trimester energy boost!

Okay, The Bachelor is on (guilty pleasure) so I'm done rambling.

Much love,