Pregnancy Timeline

The Sieb has been planted! Watch our little Nemo grow here:

Week 7

Baby Sieb is the size of a blueberry! Tiny arms, legs, hands, and feet are also just beginning to bud.

Week 8

Baby Sieb is the size of a raspberry. Fingers and toes are developing from the arm and leg buds which have distinguished wrists and elbows that can even flex!

This is also the first week we heard Baby Sieb's heart beat!! On January 29, our little Nemo's heart beat was 162 beats per minute and should begin to drop over the next few weeks.  

Week 9

Baby Sieb is now the size of a green olive. The embryonic tail will disappear this week and the hands + feet will look a lot less like paddles. Our little Nemo is starting to take more of a "human" shape.

This week I will create approximately 50% more blood, which is my body's way of helping the uterus grow as well as carry more nutrients and oxygen to our little one. 

Week 10

Baby Sieb is the size of a prune this week! I woke up on Sunday morning with this baby bump rocking out...or maybe I was just bloated from my amazing grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. Either way, I was excited!!

Week 10 is a critical period for our little Nemo because in this time period all of his / her organs have formed and are beginning to function. Baby Sieb is also growing tiny nails on the fingers and toes (how cute) as well as tiny buds for teeth!

We had our ultrasound this week, so we got to see Baby Sieb dancing all around!! Read more about our experience in this blog post.

Week 11

Baby Sieb is now the size of a lime! This week, our little Nemo is officially developed enough to be called a fetus! Looking for some good news? The most critical part of our little one's organ system development is over.  And by next week, Baby Sieb will DOUBLE in size!

No wonder I'm always so tired...

Anyway, this week Baby Sieb's reproductive organs are becoming more distinguished...but we have weeks to go before we can find out the gender!

Week 12

Baby Size is the size of a plum this week! The features on his / her face are becoming more defined! Little tiny fingernails are now well-formed on his or her fingers, which will soon be able to open and close.

In Little Nemo's brain, synapses are growing rapidly!

I was also warned that I might start to see little brown patches on my face, which is called cholasma or mask of pregnancy. I did find two new freckles on my face above my lip. Hmm...interesting! Pregnancy is turning me into Cindy Crawford (I WISH).

Week 13

Well it's safe to say I've outgrown this little pink vest! Enough about me, Baby Sieb is the size of a peach this week. Up until now, Baby Sieb had a giant head. This week, our little Nemo's body will start to catch up and grow more proportionally with his or her head!

Today, I thought I felt Baby Sieb fart. However, I learned that Baby Sieb's motor skills are starting to work! He or she is able to move and flex the little tiny arms and legs, but I shouldn't feel this movement until later. So, it was definitely a hiccup or a fart.

As I approach the second trimester, I'm promised to get my energy back! Hallelujah!

It's supposed to be beautiful out this weekend, so you'll find me outside running / walking with Bandit! Health and fitness is still super important to me...and remaining active during (and after) my pregnancy is a big priority! I'm inspired to teach Baby Sieb how to live a healthy and active lifestyle!

Week 14

I'm growing and glowing! This week Baby Sieb is the size of a lemon, which reminds me of my new favorite drink....lemonade / lemon water! Baby Sieb's face can start to make expressions like a squint or a frown. How adorable is that!!?

Also, some babies may start growing hair on their head or even eyebrows this week.

If we are having a girl, her eggs will have already developed inside her ovaries (unreal). If we are having a boy, his prostate gland is developing.

We have a doctors appointment tomorrow - super excited to get a status check and heart our little ones' heart beat!

Week 15

Baby Sieb is the size of a naval orange! Even if I can't feel it, Baby Sieb is squirming and moving around all of the time! And with these genes, we all know Baby Sieb will be dancer (note - I didn't say GOOD dancer...).

He / She might also be hiccuping (how adorable) too!

Week 16

I went out and found myself a LBD (Little Black Dress). I think the dress will come in handy with wedding season and our vegas trip! Pregnancy is no excuse to give up fashion.

Baby Sieb is the size of an avocado this week! Baby Sieb's limbs are much more developed this week AND his / her legs and arms are becoming longer and more controlled in movement. Little Nemo's skeletal system is developing more as calcium is deposited onto the bones. Over the next few weeks, his or her weight will DOUBLE, which means Mama's weight is about to increase as well....

Week 17

Well would you just look at that!? I'm finally starting to look pregnant! Baby Sieb is the size of an onion this week! He or she has mastered simple reflexes such as swallowing, sucking, and blinking. Such a smartie pants already!

Fat is also forming underneath Little Nemo's skin and will continue to do so in the later months of my pregnancy. The extra fat (hey, nothing wrong with a little cushion) will help prepare Baby Sieb for the temperature change from inside the womb to the outside world!

Also, Justin noted that my belly jiggles like Santa when I laugh, which further confirms my belly is "popping" finally.

Week 18

Baby Sieb is the size of sweet potato this week! Many of the bones in his or her body are starting to harden. In fact, one of the most first bones to develop is the inner hear, which is part of the reason why Baby Sieb can hear sounds such as my heart beat and tummy growling.

Justin is always talking to Nemo (at least once a day) so it fills my heart with joy knowing that our little one can hear daddy already!

Week 19

We found out that our little love nugget is a....BOY! I simply can't explain how happy we are that the doctor said he is a healthy little guy.

This week, Cooper is the size a heirloom tomato. Many of his senses are developing as specialized areas of the brain are being designated for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.

Millions of motor neurons are continuing to develop in his brain, which is allowing more controlled and conscious movement. Clearly, Baby C is loving these new skills because he is a wiggle worm...he is always moving and kicking. We even have some videos of him moving in my belly via the ultrasound images.

I am so in love.

Week 20

Baby Sieb is a size of a small cantaloupe this week! To celebrate 20 weeks, I ran a marathon relay with some of my best gals! I had such a great time and loved wearing my "Running for Two" T-shirt. You can read about my marathon relay experience in this blog post: Run Like a Mother.

This week, Cooper's skin is becoming covered with a waxy-like substance called vernix, which will protect his skin from becoming scratched or chapped. He is also starting to produce meconium, the result of digestion. The meconium will eventually pass during delivery or in his first diaper!

 Week 21

Cooper is the size of banana this week! I decided to take my weekly picture "JJurassic Park" style at the Indy Children's Museum. At this point, Cooper will begin to swallow amniotic fluid and absorb small amounts of sugar. However, most of his nutrients are still delivered via the placenta. 

I've really noticed his moving and kicking start to pick up lately. 

Week 22

Cooper and I kicked off week 22 in Washington, DC! We had a BLAST visiting our friends Brittany and Jimmy. I can't even tell you how much we walked, but eating delicious food kept this mama bear happy! This week, Cooper is the size of spaghetti squash and should be about 1 lb! 

Taste buds are forming and nerve endings are developed enough for him to experience the sensation of touch. 

I can't wait to meet him!

Week 23

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially popped! Feeling comfortable with my pant size and the number of the scale has been challenge, but I love my belly. 

Cooper is the size of a large mango this week! I definitely feel movements (and hiccups) in my belly, but Justin hasn't felt any outside movement yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing Justin's face the first time he feels Cooper kick!

Overall, Cooper is now more proportioned from head size to the rest of his body. He should be looking more like a newborn and less like a skeleton these days!  

Week 24 

Cooper is the size of a corn! He should be able to sense what is upside down or right side up. His respiratory system is rapidly growing. His little lungs are getting ready for breathing, moving amniotic fluid in and out of the lungs. For now, he is getting oxygen from my placenta. 

Week 25

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Justin spent the weekend at the track and we spent time around the house relaxing. Cooper is the size of a rutabaga this week and should weigh about 1.5 lbs! His body parts are becoming more proportional to each other. 

Baby fat is also continuing to fill his wrinkled skin for a smoother look and more hair is growing (which might explain my increasing heartburn). I can't wait to see his cute little face and hair!!

Week 26

Cooper is now the size of a hothouse cucumber! His lungs and brain are much more developed these days. In fact, he is likely to detect light and dark through the optic nerve! He can also hear more noises than just my rumbling tummy, such as his daddy's voice and the music we are dancing to around the house. 

I just can't wait for him to get here so we can dance together as a family!  

Week 27

The bump is starting to get more serious! There is no denying I'm pregnant... Cooper is already 2 lbs! He is the size of a cauliflower this week (that seems so big!!!). This week, he looks like a thinner, redder, more wrinkled version of what he will look like at birth, but in the next few weeks more fat will fill out his appearance! I can't wait to kiss his little cheeks!

Week 28

To celebrate week 28 (my first official week in the third trimester), I went shopping for my first baby shower! I just LOVE this dress- I'll probably wear a blue ribbon with it as well!

Cooper is the size of a Chinese cabbage already and should weigh about 2.25 lbs. His brain has developed more tissue and has formed grooves on the surface. He also has developed a more regular sleep schedule in 20 to 30 minute intervals.

Week 29 

Cooper is the size of a butternut squash this week! Over the next three months, he is in for a MAJOR growth spurt. I suppose that means I'm in for a bump spurt of my own! Because of his increased size, I'll probably be feeling more and more movement. And hopefully Justin can finally feel Cooper kicking and moving around in there. 

I learned that Cooper should be more active and responsive between 7 pm and midnight.  

30 Weeks

I spent most of week 30 in Vegas for our vacation! We had such a great trip - you can read about it here. 

Cooper is the size of a cabbage this week and should weigh about 2.75 lbs. He is beginning to practice breathing, so I might notice him getting hiccups more often. A lot of pregnant woman describe this as "small twitches" - I personally think it feels like the baby is farting all around in there. Hey, it happens to the best of us!

At this point, they say it's normal to gain around 25 to 35 lbs - I've gained about 29 (probably more after our vacation). I'm glad that I am in-line with weight gain expectations, but still plan on keeping my act together during these final weeks! 

I might also feel more "emotional than usual" - which really doesn't say much because I can cry at the drop of a hat. Seriously. So to anyone who is around me in the coming weeks, sorry in advance for mood swings and tears for no reason. 

31 Weeks 

Cooper is the size of four navel oranges this week and probably weighs around 3.3 lbs (which means I can deduct that amount from the scale, right?!). Every day this week, I woke up and felt like my belly was getting bigger and bigger! My belly explosion makes sense because Cooper is gaining more weight as his fat is filling in underneath his skin. His color is becoming less red and more pink in color too.

Fun fact: Cooper's irises can dilate and respond to changes in light too! Crazy...

In terms of my body, they say that Braxton Hicks contractions are common around this time. I haven't felt anything out of the ordinary, so I think I'm good to go for now!

32 Weeks

Cooper is the size of a large jicama this week! Not sure what fruit / vegetable that is? Me neither, so I Googled it and found this:

Reminds of me a SUPER sized potato.
Anyway, Cooper is "really plumping up" now. He is expected to gain half his body weight by the time I deliver!! The extra weight gain and fat will help keep him warm in the outside world. 

Also, Cooper's hair and skin will become soft and smooth. Does this mean more heartburn is coming my way? I know that's a myth...and I also know if Cooper has his fathers' hair genes - then he will bald. Don't tell him I said that.

Week 33

Cooper is the size of a pineapple! Crazy, right? Over the next four weeks, Cooper will put on another half pound per week, which by default means I'll gain another 5 lbs per week. 

Blah - I know, not really- but that's how I feel!! The number on the scale just keeps getting bigger and bigger...and I'm trying not to panic...but I'm getting really, really, really close to a number I never EVER want to see. They say the rapid weight gain should slow by next month though...

Enough, Coop's little skeleton is also hardening -although the bones in his skill will not fuse together completely, but will overlap allowing for continued growth all the way up until early adulthood!

Week 34

Mr. Cooper is the size of an average cantaloupe this week. His little lungs are continuing to mature in preparation for breathing in the outside world. There is a chance I'll start reverting to first trimester symptoms aka I'll probably turn into a bear again + go into hibernation mode again. Aside from being more tired and exhausted, I might be a little more "on edge" and watch...sorry in advance my loves!

I will probably also feel more uncomfortable as the days pass's from the extra weight and difficulty sleeping (so they say). As Cooper moves lower in the birth canal and exerts more pressure, I might have an uncomfortable sensation that he is about to fall out. So that will be interesting...

Week 35

A honeydew melon - that's the size of our little man this week! He should weigh around 5.25 lbs already. At this point, all of his major organs should be nearly complete. His kidneys are completely developed and his liver is functional. He is capable of processing waste products now!

Just a few more weeks....

Week 36

Cooper is the size of a crenshaw melon this week! We kicked off Week 36 with a trip to the farmer's market (which was a blast). He should weigh close to 6 lbs by now - crazy! He is still gaining weight and becoming rounder in appearance. Let's just hope he doesn't have a random growth spurt and ends up coming out at 13 lbs like that baby in Germany. One word: Painful. 

By the end of this week, I'll technically be considered "full term" - which in other words, that means he could come any any moment. I'm trying not to live by life and each day by thinking, "Will today be the day he comes?!" Waking up and spending all day with that lingering question running through my mind will just make me go crazy! The app said I'll probably notice smaller fetal movement because he is growing and has less room to move around. But I'm experiencing the complete opposite. And when he does move, his kicks and punches are a lot harder! This kid doesn't know his own strength...

4 more weeks!!!!

37 Weeks

My little man is already the size of a swiss chard! His organs should be fully developed and prepared for the outside world. I might experience a process called "lightening" - which is when the baby drops down into my birth canal. Hey, if that means I'm closer to meeting him...then drop it like it's hot, Coop!!

Week 38

Cooper is the size a leek this week! He should be about 6.8 lbs. We have bets in place around what he will weigh...the winner gets a free dinner at The Back 40 in Decatur on crab leg night. Who will it be!? Brett, Sabrina, Justin, Grandma Kaye, or me!!? We shall see!!!

Although Cooper is considered full term by now with fully functioning organs, his brain and nervous systems will continue to grow into childhood and his teen years.

The baby bump said "You might be wondering what your baby looks like..." UM ONLY every second!!! The app went on to say, "Many parents are surprised by the hair or eye color of their baby at birth, but note these characteristics may change as they grow older."

Oh Cooper, I just can't wait to see your little face - even if you look like a baby alien.


Week 39

Week 40

And the day Cooper was born (40 weeks and 4 days):


  1. Love your comparisons, Fruit/veggie to Fetus.. You look beautiful Mama Sieb.. Enjoy the months of pregnancy and the years of being Mama. They are truly a blessing.


    1. Thank you, Katy! I'm getting inspiration from the Baby Bump - an app that I absolutely LOVE! I remember to thank God each and every day- no matter how tired or sick I feel! :) We truly feel so blessed!!

  2. When the owl pillow is in the crib Coop
    Drop it like it's hot
    Drop it like it's hot
    Drop it like it's hot
    When the Braxton Hicks try to get at ya
    Deep breaths like it's hot
    Deep breaths like it's hot
    Deep breaths like it's hot
    And if Justin get a attitude
    Side eye like it's hot
    Side eye like it's hot
    Side eye like it's hot
    I got the hospital bag on my arm and I'm ready to go
    And I got extra tissues cuz the tears are gonna flow