Friday, March 15, 2013

And I Peed My Pants.... At Work

I knew the moment would come....

When I pissed my pants from either laughing or sneezing too hard!

And guess what?

No shocker was from laughing!

My boss pranked my best friend at work by placing a dead tarantula spider under his St. Patty's Day hat. Yes, my boss just has a dead spider in his office that he randomly scares people with...Reason #423 why I love my company.

I couldn't even look at Chad without stumbling my words and almost spilling the beans!!! I felt so guilty, but I was secretly excited to see his reaction.

Anyway, I was telling my friend Scott about the situation and Scott (who is also afraid of spiders) made me laugh so hard that I crossed my legs.

"You're going to pee, aren't you?" Scott asked while trying not to laugh.

And then it happened.

I literally felt it coming.

At first it was just a tinkle.

But then Scott started laughing.

So I literally peed more.

"OMG!" I said. "I am peeing! You have to get out of here!"

"This isn't the last time this will happen," Scott said walking out of the office while cracking up!

I put my drink down and ran to the bathroom.

And while I'm typing this blog post, I finally remember where I put my drink....I've been looking for it all day....

Hahah the many joys of pregnancy!

I hope you're having a happy Friday. If not, you didn't piss yourself at work, so just be thankful for that....

The good news is...Baby Sieb and I tied for first place (with Cayla) in the Iasta Leprechaun contest today.

Much love,

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