Friday, August 16, 2013

Favorite Outfit Friday: August 16

Comfortable and causal, that is my style these days.

Chubby cheeks and sleepy eyes.

Can you believe I will be 37 weeks tomorrow!? 

I find myself constantly thinking and dreaming about Cooper. Does that mean he will come sooner rather than later? Doubtful- this little man seems pretty comfortable inside my belly. 

Also, I cried on the way to work today because I heard that country song "rock me mama" - no particular reason other than picturing me holding my babes in a few weeks. 

Random exciting facts about my weekend: We are hitting up the farmers market tomorrow and State Fair on Sunday! I refuse to leave the State Fair until I eat cheese curds and a grilled cheese. Fine, I'll share - but I am not leaving until those two foods enter my belly. You've been warned, Justin Sieb.

Do something fun and get outside to enjoy this beautiful weather! 

Much love, 

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