Monday, November 8, 2010

Brittany Raymond-Arnold Grand Slam Benefit

Yesterday I was driving to meet with Kristin Matthews in Broad Ripple. The sun was bright and my windows were down. But I wasn't playing any music. I didn't need to. The only song playing in my head was by Billy Joel, "Only The Good Die Young"

Our mission that day: plan the softball tournament for Brittany Raymond Arnold, who passed away in a car accident on Sept. 12. I find it hard to believe it's almost been 2 months already...

"Darlin' only the good die young -- that's what I say. Only the good die- young...."

We got a lot accomplished and I'm glad that we got to meet up. Brittany's family and Kristin got together the Saturday before to start brainstorming ideas too. Sooo here is what you've missed :)

Name of the event: "Brittany Raymond-Arnold Grand Slam Benefit

Brief Overview:  It will be a double elimination blind draw tournament so that all teams are guaranteed 2 games. We are suggesting 9 people per team.We will have an "early bird" special for signing up. $10/person before a certain date and $15/person after that date. 

The date is TBD - based on when Hanna Nutman will allow us to use the field. We are thinking probably a Saturday in May or June. Again, this will be posted as TBD as soon as we find out! :) So if you are reading this person and YOU ARE the person who needs to make that decision, please let us know. Or if you know the person in charge, please let them know! 

More fun facts to know and tell:

  • We will have a 50/50 raffle using random prizes donated from businesses.
  • We plan on having a jump house, DJ, and cookout during the event to draw in people even if they're not playing.
  • There needs to be a captain of each team who is our main contact that we communicate with and is responsible for communicating with their team. 
  • Each team needs to provide us with a team name so we can keep track of who plays when.
  • There will be a 1 hour time limit on games.
  • When teams sign up they need to provide us with the names of all team members and their shirt sizes. 

Now- the pressing question, what I do now? 

You can help now- yes, already.

Here is how:
  • starting asking around for donations for the raffle prizes (cash, gift card, certificates for hair salons, etc.) 
  • make a donation
  • can you or anyone you know DJ? We are looking for someone to volunteer that day to help bring their personality, enteratinment skills, and music to the event :)
  •  tell us if you have any other creative, fun, or awesome ideas
  • TELL people about the event!
  • Start planning your team- if you don't have a team in mind, don't worry- you can post your interest on the Facebook page we will create. No one will be left out. Brittany wouldn't let alone be left out! And neither will WE!
  •  Sign up to bring food or drinks the day of the event. We want to cookout, so we will need some grill master volunteers and also hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, bottled water, etc. 
All donations (both for the education fund & door prizes) should be mailed to:

Kristin L. Matthews- primary contact of the event
415 F Canal Court North Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202
cell: 260-223-1550
I'm excited to ball play with ya'll this summer. 

Much love,


  1. Such great progress you two! This will be such a wonderful event. I can't wait. I am already putting the team together. Brittany would love love love this. Remember, I can help with anything.

  2. I love this idea. However it's not mentioned, but I'm assuming it's is slow pitch softball. Also I believe Deb Shannon would be the person to contact for the info on the field availability, or she would know who to contact. If you need anything or want extra help please let me know!

  3. Yes the softball tournament will be slow pitch and we havea contacted Deb Shannon. We believe we have a date. Once I know for sure, I'll post more updates! Thank you!