Friday, October 28, 2011

A Lesson in Friendship

"The only way to have friends is to be one."

This is an important quote with a powerful message. This year has been hard on me, as I watched some of my friends grow up. And apart. But no matter the distances, remember that a text message only takes a few minutes. A phone call can make someone's day. Scheduling a weekly skype date only takes 10 minutes. A handwritten letter is a rare gift to receive these days that will certainly bring a smile to anyone's face. Include a few pictures from your childhood, middle school (so awkward and hilarious I am sure), high school or even college...and you will keep that person smiling for days.

Trust me, I know how busy life can get. But you are never too busy to send a message about how thankful you are for your friends and family. Never.

Much love,

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