Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1: A Battle with a Tortilla Chip

Over the weekend, I decided to go on the 17 Day Diet. I read a lot of reviews about the diet- saw tweets about it and my best friend just started the diet. The diet is based on a timeline in which your body can achieve weight loss in a HEALTHY way and stabilize itself. The thing that sucks me into the "diet" is that it's basically common sense. Don't eat bad food and exercise 20 minutes a day. The diet really supports a life style change. I also decided I would blog about my entire experience and log my food - maybe I'll inspire you to join me! :)

Here are the basics:
  • Lean protein. 
  • Any vegetable you want & certain fruits. 
  • Add in 2 servings of dairy (such as greek yogurt) and you're good. 
  • For 17 days- you must eat those things and NOT eat carbs (aka the only thing I live off) and no sugars (which will be hard considering how one day last week I ate 5 cake balls). 

So - I refer to this as the common sense diet - that will get me on track and help me FINALLY achieve my weight loss goals.

Starting weight: 226

Goal weight (for 17 days): 216

For crying out loud, I just want to get out of the 220's  this month. Hitting 216 will be a total weight loss of 16 pounds for the year. I'd really love to lose 30 lbs this year. I think my ultimate goal would be to weigh 185- but again, I am NOT stressing over these numbers. I want to be healthy and not revert to my old, unhealthy habits.

Today was good. It was hard- but good. Instead of having a bagel (one of my favorite breakfast meals of all time) loaded with peanut butter or cream cheese, I opted for an Americano from Starbucks (no cream or sugar - just black and strong) and a bowl of berries (strawberries, yellow berries, blackberries and raspberries).

By 10:30 a.m. I was ready to break out of my office and run across the street for a bagel. A piece of bread. A pretzel.Anything that wasn't grown from Mother Nature.

But instead I waited an hour and went across the street for a chicken salad from Moe's Mexican Grill. My order was a  taco salad, no shell, no cheese, no sour cream, no dressing, add chicken, mushrooms, cumcumbers, salsa, corn salsa and olives. When I got home I added a tiny splash of soy ranch dressing for flavor.

The thing about Moe's is --- they give you free tortilla chips and salsa. Talk about temptation. I was SO hungry and I told myself that "one little chip won't hurt and no one has to know you ate one chip."

I reached into the bag and grabbed a chip.

Just one.

I looked at it was an alien from another planet.

Like it was going to bite me if I moved any closer.

And then I reminded myself - number one - who can eat JUST ONE chip? Number two - I didn't want to have to blog about my first day and lie to everyone ...saying I did great, but knowing I cheated.

So- I put the chip back in the bag. I thought about licking a the tortilla chip - just for flavor.  Then I thought about how ridciuolous I sounded.  I told myself that there are people out there trying to give up more in the world than a stinking chip...someone out there is recovering from a drug addiction, alcholism, or even an eating disorder- so I better just get over this self-pity of not eating a chip and call it a day.

I came home and slammed the bag of chips into the trash. I even pushed it down further with my foot- My theory was if I were to dig through the trash and eat the chips, not only would I have to dig really far into the garbage- but the chips would be completely crushed up. Oh and I guess digging in the trash for food is kind of gross too....

Day 1 Eating:
- 1 bowl of berries
- 1 large Americano from Starbucks- straight up (to grow hair on your chest)
-One chicken salad with veggies + splash of soy ranch with 15 small tofu cubes added
-16 mixed nuts
-4 spoon fulls of cottage cheese
-1 piece of cedar plank salmon
-2 servings of vegetables (broccoli and carrots)
-No pop, no juice - just water and coffee for this girl.

 -1 mile run and from to the gym (at my best paces ever)
-5.5 miles on the bike (23 minutes)
-the entire time during The Bachelorette I will be doing 25 abs / 10 arms / 10 pushups during each commerical break.

Honestly - the exercise portion of my day has been the most exciting. Without a heavy bagel or sugary coffee weighing me down (literally), I was able to run at the best pace of my life. Literally, I am sitting here writing this blog - 10 minutes later and sweat is still dripping down my face and spin.

I was able to run at a 9:30 mile pace for 1/4 of a mile. And the half mile run to the gym I was at a 11:40 pace. If you remember, my best pace at the half marathon was a 12:22 / mile pace.

I attribute my faster pace to my new running style. Before, I did what I formerly call "the grandma shuffle" -- where I barely lifted my feet off the ground and my heels barely hit the ground. It looked like I was running on the balls of my feet. After getting hurt during my race, I took a few weeks off and focused on improving my running style. And here I am: new and improved.

Overall, I am proud. I had a battle with a tortilla chip and I won. I haven't ate this healthy in a really long time. I'm really excited to see what the next 16 days have in store for me. Don't worry - I'll post before and after pictures too....maybe I'll even end up on the infomerical! Holler!!! ;)

Bring it on Day 2.

Much love,


  1. amazing! diet sounds great. your attitude sounds great. your salad sounds AMAZING. good luck! only 16 days to go.

  2. Thank you Megan! :) I'm very exciting and really, really appreciate your kind words! Cheers!!