Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's Get Physical: Bachelor Workouts

At the start of the show...say a prayer at Courtney goes home tonight.
Have your dog pose awkwardly next to you while doing so.

Do 10 second side planks for every time someone cries.

Do 10 abs for every rose given.
Be ready to work your abs hard during the rose ceremony.

Do 10 jumping jacks in your superman snuggie
every time someone says, "I'm really falling for..."

Make a snarky face back at Courtney if you want to.
I clearly won't judge you.

Do 10 chair dips every time someone talks crap behind someone else's back.
Make sure your dog is chewing his / her bone right next to you for moral support.
Do 10 backward leg kicks during every commercial break.
Rotate legs each commercial. Or do both so a total of 20.
Squeeze your cheeks!!!!!

If you aren't inspired by any of these awesome moves, just drink a beer and live tweet with me.

Much love,


  1. This is like a drinking game, only better. I must make one for Teen Mom.