Monday, February 4, 2013

Napping In Elevators

What has my life come to?

I literally took a nap in the elevator.

Everyone keeps telling me that I'll get my energy back again soon.

I'm counting down....the seconds...until my burst of energy arrives again.

This morning I told Scott (a close friend and coworker) that I took a nap on the elevator. And that I'm completely exhausted.

"This is a lesson, Ashley," Scott said. "Even though you don't know it yet. This is a lesson that whether this baby is in you or not, he or she will always take all your energy. Your life is over, Ashley."

Of course Scott was trying to make me laugh, but he has a point.

Being a mom means the baby comes first.


And no matter how tired I am, I'll always wake up to help, feed, change, or snuggle with our little one.

It's only just begun!

Much love,

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  1. So true! Kids are exhausting but the best part of a busy kid filled day is laying in bed giggling at the crazy stuff they say and do. Just wait till you and your hubs go out for date night with no kids and you will do nothing about them. take over everything but its so worth all the time you have to.give.