Friday, June 21, 2013

Favorite Outfit Friday: June 21

Happy first day of summer! Despite the fact that I'm going to be a sweaty beast every single day, I am really looking forward for summer. 


Pool dates. 


Evening walks with my family. 


Baby showers! 

Maternity photoshoot! 

Birthday parties. 

The NYOTB concert with 98 degrees and Boyz to Men - hopefully Cay and Meg are ready if I go into early labor! 

Summer tea.

Baseball games. 

Summer dresses! 

Speaking of summer dresses, here is what I am wearing today to celebrate the first day of summer! 

Take at least 30 minutes to enjoy your day! 

Walk outside. 

Eat outside. 

Dance outside! 

Draw something with chalk.

Play at a local park - you're never to old to enjoy the swings. Unless you exceed a weight limit like I might these days. Kidding, but really ...

Sing with your windows down. 

Plant something. 

Go for a swim. 

And be genuinely excited that today is Friday! TGIF! 

Much love, 

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