Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vegas Prep: A Checklist with Pictures

Maternity swimsuit.


Babysitter for B. 


(Still need to find something for separate anxiety). 

Body Glide (all day, every day!). 

Fabulous "good luck" dress.

Double check. 

Hilarious t-shirt. 


Comfy walking shoes + gym shoes (I will need to work off all that amazing food)! 

Major check - must not leave home without these! 

Another hilarious t-shirt. 


Oh wait- one more: 

The sad face is because they originally mailed me THIS t-shirt instead of the baby bump t-shirt.
It will still be hilarious to wear in Vegas!

Check again. 

Not pictured: 

- Maternity swimsuit #2 

- Adorable maxi dresses 

- My iPhone charger (for survival) 

- My big, fake wedding ring 

- The list of recommend places to eat, visit, and explore 

- Small tote full of hair, skin care, and beauty products 

- As many leggings and yoga pants as possible 

- My doctor's phone number 

- My kindle fire to read hilarious books such as, "Sippy Cups aren't for Chardonnay" and Jenny McCarthy's book about the first year of being a parent (I am spacing on the title and my kindle is dead) 

- On that note, my kindle charger

- Bandit (I know bags fly free on southwest, but what about dogs...really will miss that little guy). 

Much love, 

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