Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Secret Messages From My Doctor

We had a late night in the Sieb household. So, I picked up some Chinese for J and I to share after my hair appointment tonight.

By the way, I love the cut! I desperately needed a fresh look before my baby shower this weekend and upcoming Vegas vacation! 

Anyway, Justin left the fortune cookie for me (or he simply forgot it on the counter and I got to it first). Let's pretend he was being super cute and saved the cookie for his pregnant wife.

I don't know about you, but I am very superstitious about how to eat a fortune cookie. I need to eat the entire cookie - every last bite - and have it swallowed before I can read the fortune. If I take a sneak peek or don't the cookie down in my belly, the fortune won't come true!

Here is what my fortune said: 

Save the cookies. Really? 

If that doesn't make you regret dinner, I don't know what will..haha! 

Thankfully, I was already half way out the door for a family stroll around the neighborhood. 

Could this be a secret message from my doctor? 


Either way, it made me laugh. 

Much love, 

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