Friday, June 28, 2013

Favorite Outfit Friday: June 28

Happy Friday!!

You guys have seen this dress and purple necklace about 10 times now.


But it's not the same as last week - despite the quick glance.  So how about we focus on my new hair and happy eyes! 

Tomorrow is my first baby shower for Mr. Cooper! I can't tell you how excited I am to everyone who can make it + hopefully eat some Decatur Pizza Hut salad bar. 

I'm getting pretty serious about asking for a gallon of their famous ranch dressing to take back with me to Indy. 

I also keep taking pictures of Bandit - because I am a creep and will miss his face so much! 

Seriously, mom. That's enough.
Can't I just get some sleep around here?

Eight days without his kisses, hilarious photobombs, walks together, and snuggles seems impossible! 

How am I ever going to leave my kid if I feel this way about leaving my fur kid?! 

Much love, 

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